Renovation and Landscaping update

So it has been a few months since we have posted anything about updates to the Lakeman Treehouse. Since last Summer, we having been working on the landscaping, and on exterior and interior staining. Photos in a new posts soon. Thanks to several friends we have been able to plant many donated perennials in our new gardens making the results look great this spring and summer.

In late 2016, we finalized our plans for the house renovation with architect, Eric Puryear, and then finalized a landscape plan with Creative Scapes.  As with many house renovations and life decision, it takes lots time and energy to make all the final decisions.  We have decided on using The English Contractor and the hope is to start the “big” renovations of the house later this year.

We are continuing to stain the exterior of the house and make other exterior updates. One of our early summer projects was the replacement of our old rickety mailbox that made the house look like the Clampetts were living here with one of a more modern design appropriate for our house.  The old one had been hit so many times it was time for a new one.  Look for a new blog post and photos about that soon.

Published by David

I am the Director of Exhibitions and Collections at Northern Kentucky University. I have always loved architecture and interior design. I have renovated multiple historic homes over the years. My families most recent renovation project was a 148 year old Gothic Revival home in Covington Kentucky. other passions include art, cars, diecast car collecting, customs, and also making other things with my hands.

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