The Mailbox Dilemma: One of THOSE Projects

Since we moved in our mailbox has been quite the eyesore. According to neighbors, it was hit multiple times prior to us owning the home.  And then it has been hit at least 4 additional times that we know of, thus making it something worthy of only the Clampett family. The poor thing was faded,Continue reading “The Mailbox Dilemma: One of THOSE Projects”

August 2017 Thirty Day Plank Challenge

No, we’re not talking about building materials here, we’re talking about planks, the exercise.  If this post isn’t your thing, that’s fine carry on and stay tuned we finally also have some house posts scheduled. I have “amped-up” my running and walking in the past 2 months in preparation for the 27K Stone Steps trailContinue reading “August 2017 Thirty Day Plank Challenge”

Leprechaun Run- Road Rally Fundraiser

On March 25th, 2017 our family will be traversing throughout Northern Kentucky in a quest to find the elusive leprechaun and raise money for the League for Animal Welfare.  This is an event the Knight family has participated in for many years and we hope you consider donating to help us reach our goal ofContinue reading “Leprechaun Run- Road Rally Fundraiser”