About Richard Lakeman

house with dogwood

Updated June 6, 2016

We have been lucky enough to be in correspondence with the original architect and his son via email throughout the month of May 2016. We know know much more about Mr. Lakeman and his career. Please enjoy the robust info below.

At the closing, we happily learned that the home was designed by Richard Lakeman, who is the brother of the departed first owner of the home (Lorraine Lakeman Wuenker and her husband James).

Richard E. Lakeman Resume

Tidbits of info not included in his resume:

  • The Lakeman Treehouse was his fourth home design.
    • The first two were in Northern Cincinnati (Gene Amer and George Fannity Homes) and a third in Georgia designed while Lakeman worked under famed architect Carl Strauss.
    • One of these homes is in Congress Run  (Source: Cincinnati Modern)
  • At some point between 1962 and 1975 Lakeman moved from Cincinnati to Portland, Oregon (Source: Mark Lakeman (son) Bio)
  • Lakeman, who as the founder of Portland’s Urban Design Division within the Bureau of Planning, was a key design activist that is credited with being the driving force behind Portland, Oregon’s Pioneer Courthouse Square. (Source: Mark Lakeman (son) Bio)
  • His private practice was diverse and beautiful for nearly three decades, doing all manner of public and private projects of every scale.
  • Home commissions have been very special projects for Lakeman, as he enjoys matching the design of the residence to the people who will be living there.

house with dogwood

Lakeman Treehouse with dogwood blooming in front May 2016

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