Inital Lakeman Treehouse Images

These are the images of the state of the home when we completed our final walk-through just before signing the closing documents. We are working with an architect, Eric  C. Puryear, to determine the best plans to keep the atomic aesthetics of the home yet update it for a modern family.


Living room and Kitchen

Bedrooms, Bathroom and Master



Published by Laura

Co-Owner of Mother, Project Manager, Rehabber, and Creative.

One thought on “Inital Lakeman Treehouse Images

  1. This was the first time I looked through the entire house and WOW what fun. It is really pretty amazing and I do see why you were so taken with it. I can see why you have involved an architect because I would not want to do anything which would damage the original design. How exciting! P.S. I will say one thing, I would definitely hire someone to wash windows because I would not want to try it alone.


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