May 2016 Plants & Yardwork 

To date we spent countless hours working in the yard. We’ll never have an excuse to say there’s nothing to do ever again.

We’ve added plants in the front yard and back that we have acquired through the kindness of friends and plant sales. We have pulled so much overgrown English ivy that we could cover Fenway Park. We hate to discard plants, so it was a bonus that Laura’s boss took 2 contractors bags full.  We still have more to go!

We have realized that the front yard needs a good thatch removal and reseeding as we have kept up mowing with the breakneck speed of the spring growing.  Hopefully we can get the grass looking as lush as the neighbors very soon, but as with all things in life patience is a virtue.

Before ivy removal on west side
During ivy removal with a helper
After ivy removal from west side
After removal of ivy on west side
A shade loving begonia to the back
A funky fern of unknown name to the back.
Spiderwort to the back –  realized we need to plant in a sunnier area
A shade loving columbine for the back
Toad lilly for the back
Overall back plantings off the deck
Hostas for the front
Varigated hosta in the front
Blue varigated hosta in front
Sweet Woodruft in the front
Overview of front plantings

Published by Laura

Co-Owner of Mother, Project Manager, Rehabber, and Creative.

4 thoughts on “May 2016 Plants & Yardwork 

  1. Looking good wish I could give you some of my plants. They would be perfect in your yard with all the shade.


    1. We will! Thank you so much for these beauties. We found some others at a plant sale too. I’d be happy to take any more shade lovers you need to thin.


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